Upcoming Events

Silent Disco

Headphones? Check. DJ? Check. Awesome Instructor? Check. Check. Check. Lose yourself in great music and ryde to the beats. It's in your head!!!

Sep 14

Ryde Out

We Outside!!! We're going to the great outdoors. Think awesome spin classes, but not in a studio... NO! At your favourite restaurant, at the beach... just about anywhere

Sep 14

Rock Night

Ryde like a rockstar. it's heavy metal. it's coordinated madness and you'll love it

Sep 14

Introducing gamification

it's fitness re-imagined. We're totally changing the game and introducing healthy longterm competition to your fitness journey. The long term effect? A more engaging social program that gets you fitter faster and longer.

The benefits far exceed your physical health. Gamification will engage you mentally and socially, transforming mundane workouts to goal driven, fun activities. You'll love it